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We all know that one play can drastically change the outcome of any Football game. It is our job as Coaches to put our players in the best situation to win. It is also our job to give them the tools to do just that. Trick Plays are a part of the game that in a few second time span we can change the momentum, score, and outcome of the game.
Our Offensive Trick Playbook is full of go to plays that you can use to score that one extra TD a game. Practice one all week and call it within the flow of the game to catch the defense sleeping and add 6 points to your side of the score board!

Our Ultimate Offensive Trick Playbook is updated constantly and always evolving. It is also included in your iCoach.Football Membership...
One of the most fascinating parts of this offense is how you can script different sets of series by formations and never have to go off script. This allows you to have the next play called before the refs spot the ball. Everyone wonders how Oregon does this. You will learn how. This part of the clinic is worth the price alone! Both for newer and veteran coaches this is something unique!
What's Included?
Every Trick Play in these Playbooks come with an Interactive PowerPoint presentation that walks you step by step through the installation and actions of each play.
 Each play has Animations set to show you the movements of each step along the course of the play. 
 Each play also comes with one or more Videos / Film Clips of the play being ran by various youth, high school, college, and pro teams. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
 Why is this Offense so effective?
"It's not about having the chalk last! It's about taking the chalk away from the defense completely!"
- Coach Twiddy
 I’m In! When Will I Get Access to the Course?
INSTANTLY! You will be sent an email immediately with your login credentials.
 Is this Course Mobile Friendly?
Everything in this Web Clinic Install Guide was designed to be mobile friendly. You can watch and view all of the material directly from your phone or tablet.
Which means if you have a question while out on the practice field or need to recall any of the information it is view able right from your phone! 
 My players are very young and they are undersized, will this work with my team?
"A Playbook For All Skill Levels!"

The beauty of this system is that it can be as complex or as simple as you want without losing any of the explosiveness of the offense. You get to make the decisions based on the age, skill level, and mental capability of your team.
 Truthfully, how fast will we be able to play?
This offense is meant to run plays as fast as the referees can spot the ball! The kids will learn the offense because it is fun to run. The learning curve is greatly reduced because they enjoy it. As long as the defense doesn't have time to huddle up you will have them on their heels.
 How do I pace my practices to master the Up Tempo No Huddle part of the Offense?
Your practices will be completely organized and scripted which means you will start and end on time. Which will not only keep your family happy. It will keep the kids parents happy. Scripting practice will help you better prepare for calling plays from your script on game day.

"You play like you practice!" So, practice will be fast!
 What is included in the Course?
• How to Utilize a Tight End when running the Spread without adding different blocking schemes.

• How to use an unbalanced line without changing any of the Offensive Lines alignments or assignments.

• How to play fast by utilizing Hand Signals.

• How to create the play call sequence that works for your team.

• How to script the offense for practice and games.

•This is not just a playbook! It is a course that includes over 3.5 HOURS of CLINIC FILM and 8 VIDEO INSTALL GUIDES. It includes Practice Plans to Install in 5 days. A complete Install Schedule!

•You get all of the scripting and game planning materials you will need to master this offense.

•Everything you need to install this High Powered Offense is included. THIS IS NOT JUST A PLAYBOOK! These are not just videos. It is coaching for the coaches!
 A Word From the Author...
“We needed a way to take slower lesser athletic players and make them play faster. We needed something to compete with teams that were better than us. That used to mean going to the Wing T or some version of it just to stay in the game. Which kids now a days HATE playing in. Not anymore! This has truly changed the game and most importantly the players love it! Then when we had the more athletic players it was SCARY!” 
-Coach Twiddy

Coach Cory Guidone | Ohio

“Coach Twiddy's system made it simple to teach the spread offense to my youth team. We were able to win our league the first two years we used the offense and were able to put up big numbers both on the scoreboard and the stat sheet. Any coach looking to play faster and run a spread style offense would benefit greatly from this system.”

Coach Jeff Price | Nebraska

“These offensive install materials are second to none! This course has the materials needed and offers many visual install videos which are very helpful because I am a visual learner. Coach Twiddy has also been more than helpful with any questions I have had and responses were very quick and thorough. Definitely worth the money if this is the offense you're looking for. I also keep getting updates with new materials that are also very helpful. Even if you aren't a coach this will be very helpful to understand what you are watching on Saturday's this fall.”

Coach Mike Turso | Washington

"We went from running about 45 plays a game to about 60 to 70 plays. Averaged about 35 points a game, got our 1st league title in 19 years. Spread them out, make the defense cover the whole field."

Coach James Miller | Germany

Ok coaches, we had our first outdoor, full pad training last Friday. During the scrimmage portion of our practice (30 minutes), we ran the no huddle for the very first time. We ran 43 plays in the 30 minute session. Guys are buying into the program 100%! Oliners at first were concerned about their stamina, but after last practice they are excited! They saw and sensed the uncertainty in the defense and it just got them hungrier!
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